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ECG+PPG Smart Health Watch with Bluetooth

Achieve your wellness goals in style. 

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51 Essential Biometrics


Backlit TFT  Display

Unique 3-electrode measurement of ECG

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ECG Inovative electrode type Electrocardiogram

Testing Based on intelligent pulse wave technology and medicalhardware standards, through ECG measurement principle tocapture the heart bioelectric signal, 60s toview ECG data.

ECG Data Craphing

Real-time tracking of your health with built-in sensors, ECG disease ScreeningAl ECG that can be read, support for ECGplayback health reports

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Body Composition Analysis

Blood Composition Analysis

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Heart rate monitoring

Keep track of exercise intensityfeed back the current heart ratevalue, and raise your wrist toknow the heart rate, so as toprotect your health

Blood oxygen monitoring

Equipped with a newly upgraded red and in frared light sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation. you can furthergrasp the state of your body and keep your health in your hands.

Blood pressure monitoring

Measure and record your blood pressure. Can view your blood pressure data tohelp users identify health issues inadvance and maintain a healthy state

Sleep monitoring

The watch supports sleep quality monitoringand can record deepsleep, light sleep, andNocturnal sleep blood oxygen to quantifyyoursleep quality You will have a betterunderstanding of yoursleep status and abetter understanding of healthy sleep at aglance

Breathing exercises

When the stress level is too high, you canfollow the breath of the watch to releasethe stress and live a relaxed life

Stress tests

The watch has a built-in stress test function,so you can measure your stress level anytimeanywhere and feel good about yourself

Multiple sports modes Challenging every day

Display the sports interface based on the sports mode you choose, whether it'srunning, cycling, or playing ball You can activate matching sports modes to constantly understand your exercise situation and adjust your own Sports mode.

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Bluetooth calling
Freeing up your hands

Connect your phone with one click, push incoming calls to your watch in a timelymanner, and answer with one click, Free up your hands anytime and anywhere formore effcient listening, making it easy to cope with various life scenarios and states.

Raise your hand to view information

When your phone calls or receives a message, even if it's in your bagor you're busy and don't notice it ringing, the watch willvibrate to alert you so you're up to date When you lift your hand. the watch lights up and you can view the message

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More features waiting for you to discover

BT Music · Weather Viewing · Ai Voice Assistant · Calculator · Alarm ClockWomen's Care · Find Your Phone · Event reminder · Shake to take a photoIntelligent alarm clock · Long sitting reminder stopwatch ·Countdown, etcMore convenient features waiting for you to explore

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Blood oxygen chip : VP556ER blood oxygen heart rate+analog front-end
ECG chip :VP556ER
Optoelectronic chip :VP556ER Heart Rate
LCD : AMOLED1.43" 466*466
TP : Capacitive multi-point full touch

Enclosure : metal alloy+stainless steel
Bottom shell : PC+ABS+ medical 31ó steel
strap :environmental protection TPU leather strap
Band size : 265*48*12MM
weight : 64g

Battery :440mAh
Charging :magnetie charging
Water proof : lP67 waterproof
APP : H Band Lite


H Band Lite  mobile app

Gaining deeper insights into your body

Connecting the BC-W300 smart watch to the H Band Lite App provides additional insights and the capability to track your complete test history.

Track progress

Measurements are automatically synced to the H Band Lite App, allowing you to monitor progress and track your body composition changes over days, weeks, and months to achieve your desired results.



Share and Inspire

Elevate your overall experience and boost your motivation. Share data with friends and family so you can encourage one another in achieving your fitness objectives.

Share and Inspire

Elevate your overall experience and boost your motivation. Share data with friends and family to encourage one another to achieve your fitness objectives.

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