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Smart body composition scale for weight and segmental body fat

Get  your overall health and fitness level anytime, anywhere


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Free App


Up to 400lb


51 Essential Biometrics




Backlit TFT  Display

Know your body, not just your weight.

Muscle is more compact than fat, taking up less space in the body. As a result, individuals with an excess of body fat often appear more visibly overweight. The bulkier volume occupied by fat leads to a less defined and toned physique, highlighting the contrast with those with a higher muscle-to-fat ratio.


Reliable and precise measurement

Advanced technology provides precise and consistent results, helping you keep track of your fitness goals.

Enhance Precision

With the advantage of our 20 years of professional experience, our scale boasts high-precision sensors, ensuring accuracy in increments as small as 0.1 lb.

20 years0.1kg

BIA Technology

The scale uses BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) to send a safe, unnoticeable electric current through the body conducted by the ITO surface, providing ultra-precise body composition measurements in seconds.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Eight Electrodes

The 8-point tactile electrode system located on the hands and feet allows measurement of the impedance of the individual body segments - arms, legs, and torso, ensuring consistent test outcomes.

Segmental Analysis Technology

Dual Frequency

Compared to single-frequency BIA, dual-frequency BIA provides an additional level of bio-electrical impedance frequency, delivering more precise composition results and insights into one's muscle condition.

Advanced Dual Frequency (ADF)

Full body composition analysis

BC-CA380 body composition analyzer goes beyond mere weight assessment by offering 51 crucial biometric indicators, such as Body Fat Percentage, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Waist-hip Ratio, etc.

With 51 precise biometrics and smart control, you can develop a detailed health plan by gaining insights into various body composition indicators.

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

The scale allows you to set and track specific health and fitness goals. You can track your body composition changes over days, weeks, and months. It keeps you motivated and focused on your objectives.


Aesthetic and Durable Design

Elevate your overall experience and boost your motivation.


1.8m high-density braided rope


Rounded corners for safety


6mm tempered glass


Large backlit TFT Display


Anti-skid padding


USB-C rechargeable


Wi-Fi connection, One-Time Setup

Without having to carry your phone while weighing, the scale will identify you and automatically record your measurements under your profile. Every weigh-in data will sync to the Unique Health app automatically,which maintains a constant connection instead of repeatedly connecting to Bluetooth.

Multiple user profiles for family use

BC-CA380 smart body composition scale supports up to 10 profiles for you and your whole family, enabling the tracking and differentiation of individual data.


Powerful Free App

No any additional subscription fees. You can see test history and trends and share results.


Unique Health mobile app

Gaining deeper insights into your body

Connecting the BC-CA380 smart body fat scale to the Unique Health App provides additional insights and the capability to track your complete test history.

Track progress

Measurements are automatically synced to the Unique Health App, allowing you to monitor progress and track your body composition changes over days, weeks, and months to achieve your desired results.



Health App integration

Seamlessly integrate our scale into your fitness routine. Compatible with popular fitness apps like Apple Health and FitBit.


Simple and Convenient

Easy to use with a clear, backlit TFT display and straightforward operation.


No need for buttons, just one tap to activate. Step on the scale and measure weight, muscle, fat, and more in 10 seconds.

A perfect tool for effortless fitness tracking or health monitoring.

Share and Inspire

Elevate your overall experience and boost your motivation. Share data with friends and family so you can encourage one another in achieving your fitness objectives.

Share and Inspire

Elevate your overall experience and boost your motivation. Share data with friends and family to encourage one another to achieve your fitness objectives.

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